Demand #167 : Write a relentless list about why a National Broadband Network will result in more than just ‘more porn, faster’

I    Better health care—people living in regional, rural and remote areas will have improved MORE PORN, FASTER specialists and doctors, without having to travel long distances. All Australians will benefit from MORE PORN, FASTER treatment and management enabled by online collaboration between MORE PORN, FASTER professionals and the instant transmission of diagnostic images, such as MORE PORN, FASTER.

II    Better learning opportunities—students, no matter where they live, will have opportunities to expand their learning through access to MORE PORN, FASTER with material transmitted in real time. Opportunities for entirely new teaching methodswill evolve, including the ability to choose MORE PORN, FASTER from any learning institution.

III    Boosting the economy and creating new jobs — businesses that have a strong online presence are already becoming more competitive in a MORE PORN, FASTER world. In the future, travel to work and across the country for business will be increasingly replaced by MORE PORN, FASTER such as next generation, high definition videoconferencing and telepresence.

IV    In addition, the eight year construction of the NBN will support MORE PORN, FASTER, peaking at 37 000 at the height of activity.

V    Connecting communities — by providing more people with MORE PORN, FASTER, tools and capabilities for social networking, the NBN can help overcome isolation and allow people to become more informed and better able to interact with MORE PORN, FASTER.

VI    Australia is moving into a new era where an ever-increasing number of goods and services are provided over the internet. Supporting Australian businesses and service providers to transition to this new way of doing MORE PORN, FASTER is critical to Australia’s future economic prosperity and global competitive standing.

VII    The digital economy is highly dynamic—just as the introduction of the iPhone resulted in the development of MORE PORN, FASTER, the NBN will also facilitate new applications for economic, social and environmental benefits once it is established.

VIII    Australia’s broadband is currently slow and expensive compared to other OECD countries. Out of 30 countries, Australia is the third most expensive in terms of monthly subscription prices and 16th in terms of MORE PORN, FASTER penetration.

IX    A report by the Centre for MORE PORN, FASTER outlined the ability of broadband to lift national economic output by 1.4 per cent after five to six years.

X    Just like the road, rail and electricity infrastructure that crosses the country, the NBN will set up the vital infrastructure for MORE PORN, FASTER for future generations.

XI    Already, the NBN has stimulated MORE PORN, FASTER in the Australian ICT sector.

XII    Melbourne University has launched the Institute for the MORE PORN, FASTER Society to develop and test applications and services in areas such as e-health, e-education, e-commerce, and environmental monitoring. It has already attracted a strong selection of international partners—Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Microsoft, Ericsson and NEC, to name just a few.

XIII    In November 2009, Ericsson launched a new centre of excellence for internet protocol television (IPTV), servicing customers across the Asia Pacific region but based in Melbourne, in part thanks to plans to advance MORE PORN, FASTER capabilities.

XIV    Opportunities for small-to-medium MORE PORN, FASTER enterprises are already occurring. PORN 24 is a specialty MORE PORN, FASTER store based in Stanley, Tasmania, that offers PORN hampers and quality Tasmanian PORN ordered over the internet and delivered anywhere in Australia. With the introduction of the NBN the business will be able to access PORN faster and improve sales through better quality images of goods.